Listing a house for sale and helping buyers purchase a home is an exciting and challenging career.  Many agents become successful and well known in the industry; most do not.  The list of responsibilities and duties required of real estate agents is very long indeed and certain personality types are well suited to take on the serious task of representing a seller or buyer who is setting out on a Top Ten Life Event.

It is always a good idea to interview 2 or 3 prospective agents.  Spend enough time during your initial meeting to get to know the agent and see how well he or she connects with you.  A good agent should be able to establish meaningful rapport quickly and present a professional demeanor.  Is the agent a good communicator, knowledgeable about your neighborhood and seem to have a knack for detail?  Can this person provide creative problem-solving skills & perhaps share a story where this that demonstrates this skill?  Has the agent come to the meeting armed with good information relevant to your situation?  Here are a few things to look for a diligent agent to provide:

  • Examples of marketing materials you can expect to be used for your home
  • A “toolbox” of suggested resources such as handyman, painter, stager, yard worker, house cleaner
  • An organized market analysis of current listings & sales in your immediate neighborhood, including days on market
  • A sample net sheet to show probable outcomes of different sales scenarios, including typical seller closing costs and typical buyer incentives

Even if you have an agent friend or acquaintance, plan on meeting with another expert to provide constructive, objective advice.  It is time well spent!

Jane Sells

Published On: May 6th, 2022 / Categories: Senior Relocation /

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