Movers are an essential business and as such, were some of the quickest to adjust to the pandemic.  Reputable movers quickly put into place COVID-19 Safety precautions and protocols to keep people safe.  Some of these safety protocols included health screenings, meticulous cleaning, temperature testing, and mandatory health and safety training amongst other things.  These movers have been working diligently to comply with all local, state, and federal mandates as well as retaining compliance with the CDC guidelines.  

In response to the pandemic, most movers are now offering virtual surveys in order to eliminate the need to have someone come into your home to prepare an estimate for your move.  The virtual surveys are safe and convenient using your own smartphone or tablet to scan the contents of the rooms in your house.  You simply download an app and on the day of your appointment you will receive a link from the mover that connects you with an estimator through the app.  Once connected with the moving company representative via video, you will do a walkthrough to give them a general idea of access, inventory, additional obstacles such as narrow doorways, staircases, etc.   You also have the option to ask any additional questions you have.  Once done, the moving company representative either offers an estimate on the spot or emails you one at a later time.   

When a virtual survey is not possible the mover will still perform an in-home survey but they have made adjustments to their in-home surveys to ensure the safety and protection of everyone.  If your van line is going to perform an in-person survey you can expect the following:

  • They will do a pre-survey check in and ask you health-related screening questions
  • The moving representative will sanitize their hands before and after the meeting
  • They will wear a mask and ask that you and anyone else in the home wear one as well
  • They will attempt to social distance as much as possible
  • During the survey they will explain to you what precautions they will take on the day of the move

In addition to implementing survey protocols the movers have had extensive training on how to perform a safe move as well.  During the actual move you can expect the crews to protect the health of their customers by:

  • Forgoing handshakes
  • Standing six feet apart at all times during the move
  • Using personal protection equipment including gloves and masks 
  • Sanitizing shared surfaces
  • Washing or sanitizing hands after touching shared surfaces or at least every 2 hours

How do you know if you are picking a mover that is adhering to the federal mandates and CDC guidelines?  Simply ask them what steps they have implemented to comply with the local, state, and federal mandates and comply with the CDC guidelines.  Any reputable mover will be able to address that question.  

Published On: April 23rd, 2022 / Categories: Senior Relocation /

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