Get peace of mind for your move with Prisidio.

LivNow’s mission is to provide those moving into senior living communities a smooth, efficient and stress-free transition because we know relocation can be stressful and overwhelming.  LivNow helps you with the physical move but has partnered with Prisidio to provide you with a way to store all your documents as well as keep track of what you have and where you have it.  Prisidio securely organizes the most vital pieces of your life with the most important people in it.  

LivNow Relocation is proud to offer our clients Prisidio, a digital vault to capture and securely store and share your most important information with the key people in your life. Prisidio’s mission is to provide people with peace of mind knowing that they are prepared for whatever life throws their way — both the expected (like a move) and the unexpected (like a hurricane or illness).

“Prisidio always has a security-first mindset which applies to everything we do at Prisidio.  We realize that you’re entrusting us with your most important and sensitive information, and we take that responsibility seriously.”  Glenn Shimkus, Co-Founder & CEO

Prisidio provides a unique blend of privacy and protection along with sharing that’s as easy as tagging friends on social media, yet highly secure. With its user-friendly interface, mobile app, and robust security features, Prisidio has quickly become a trusted solution for individuals looking to take control of their vital information in today’s complex and hectic digital age. 

Moving can be a stressful time with countless details to keep track of and endless information and valuables to manage. Prisidio helps you get organized so you’re prepared for the expected and unexpected parts of a move.

Prisidio was created to help you not only securely manage documents, but everything important in your life. Capture what you have, where you have it, and share it with the right people. From anywhere.

LivNow Relocation has negotiated special pricing for LivNow’s clients.  Sign up through LivNow and save $20 on your first year subscription.

Published On: May 29th, 2023 / Categories: Senior Relocation /

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