Downsizing and moving create unique stress for us all. Here at LivNow, we KNOW the ins and outs of the stressors downsizing and moving create, which is why we are here to for you! Our Relocation Specialists and Partners help to ease the burden and give you peace of mind when you decide it’s time to make a move.

Let’s jump right to it. One of the toughest parts of moving can be deciding what to keep, and what goes. The letting go process can be torturous, guilt filled. You’ve lived a life accumulating, collecting, and amassing things. Things that tell your story, and offer a glimpse into who you are, what you love, and maybe even where you’ve been.

We’ve partnered with Artifcts to ensure that no matter what, the items you decide to keep, donate, or sell, are carefully curated, and the memories, histories, and stories are preserved. How might you ask? Well for starters, Artifcts is an app and web-based technology platform. It’s as easy as email or a spreadsheet, and so much more powerful. Artifcts ensures that whether you are downsizing, right sizing, or moving, you are in control of your ‘stuff’ every step of the way.

Creating an Artifct is simple—you take a photo of an object, add a story, maybe even video or audio too. Add in the details, save, and you’re done! You can securely share any Artifct with family and friends if you want to, or keep them private, viewable only to you.

Build your collection of Artifcts one by one and as you do, you’ll be building and documenting your legacy and knowing one another better along the way, too. We interviewed an Artifcts community member who recently downsized into an assisted living community. Her thoughts echo these heartfelt and practical Artifcting benefits.

“There is NO WAY I could have downsized and moved without Artifcts. I used Artifcts to document the stories of all the stuff I wanted to keep, including my old family photos. I also used Artifcts to document the items that I liked but didn’t have space for. It helped me make those tough decisions because I knew I would always have the memory and the photos in Artifcts,” Martha R.

“And you know what’s even more fun? Once I got to my new home, I printed off my Artifcts QR code and put it on my door. I very quickly got the nickname The Storyteller because I have such incredible stories and I love to share them. Now people think my room is like a museum filled with interesting objects. It makes me very happy to share my story and my history with my new friends, and my family. Turns out I had a lot of stories even my sons didn’t know about,” Martha R.

Want to learn more about Artifcts and experience it firsthand? Contact us at LivNow to schedule a demonstration or workshop for your community.

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